Autumn Themes Halloween Screams Cover

Promotional Video with Song Samples

Promotional Video with Song Samples
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01. Hooray for Fall
02. Get a Pumpkin
03. Shake Your Bones
04. Halloween Fiesta
05. Monster Rock
06. Halloween Costume
07. Piles of Leaves
08. I Am a Tree
09. Halloween, Halloween
10. Creepy Crawly Spiders
11. Fall
12. Autumn is the Season
13. Scotty the Scarecrow
14. Autumn Leaves
15. Who Loves Halloween?
16. Mashed Potatoes
17. Granny Smith
18. Five Little Pumpkins
19. Windy Wind
20. Have a Great Fall

Ryan SanAngelo, singer/songwriter and author of two children's picture books, presents 20 mostly rock and rap songs in celebration of autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. These high energy, numbers are accompanied by professional performances on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and percussion.
(School Library Journal)

Smile Every Day CD


01. So Many Books
02. Job to Do
03. Active Place
04. Smile Every Day
05. Fruit Fruit Fruit
06. Color
07. Rainbows
08. Bye Bye Balloon
09. Being An Author
10. Jumping On My Bed
11. Outside, Yeah!
12. Jump
13. Elephants Painting
14. Best Me
15. Good Morning
16. Dog Day In Puerto Rico
17. Candy Is So Dandy
18. Change $$$
19. Granny Smith
20. Good Day, Good Night

Ryan SanAngelo maintains energy throughout and his vocal style is reminiscent of Bob Dylan.
(School Library Journal)

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